Established in 2014 with its renowned ready-to-drink coconut water that has captured many Malaysian Hearts, COWA is the first in Malaysia to offer locally-packed natural coconut water in TetraPak Prisma Aseptic packaging and the first few in Southeast Asia.

COWA ensures that its products meet the world class standard in short period of time. COWA quickly went into the leading local supermarkets, widely exposed in the local and international exhibitions and was exported to the overseas market making its mark around the globe.

From beverage to health and treats, COWA now expands to the kitchen range through its partnership with Rasaku brand, known for its quality coconut cooking ingredients. This epitome of collaboration brings the best of both worlds together, offering you the complete coconut solutions!

COWA is definitely the one-stop sourcing for all your coconut needs. COWA expansion into other categories such as Health and Treats showering consumers with abundant of coconut goodness. COWA is working on more healthier, scrumptious & flavorsome coconut-based range product to come in future for the consumers.