COWA Coconut Water


Minimum 1 carton (12 packs)
12 months expiry from production date.

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We all know that coconut water is famously known as a hydration powerhouse, but how often do we get to quench our thirsts with decent and fresh coconut water on the move?

COWA Coconut Water is made to fit in your hectic lifestyle and rejuvenate yourself with the goodness of nature. High with essential electrolytes, it keeps your body vibrant naturally! Compact and convenient, COWA Coconut Water is 100% Natural packed coconut water with no added preservatives, water or flavor. Contains many health benefits, it is packed with Tetra-Pak which could be stored for long periods and without altering its natural texture and taste!

COWA Coconut Water is indeed your much needed healthy drink on-the-go, keeping you, your family and your friends, energetic and coco-lourful!

Healthy Perks of COWA Coconut Water/ COWA Coconut Water:
  • Drink on-the-go– Whether you’re busy with dull classes or meetings, mobility is the very essence of COWA Coconut Water. It is compactly packaged, makes it easy peasy for you to enjoy the beverage anytime and anywhere.
  • Tetra Pak – Sustainable and safe, COWA Coconut Water is wrapped and protected with Tetra Pak that is designed to keep the freshness of the beverage for as long as 12 months! With Ultra High Temperature processing (UHT) that kills bacteria so you could consume without hesitation.
  • Life Enhancer – Hands down, coconut water is indeed nature’s perfect sports drink. Rich in Calcium, Potassium and Sodium, now you don’t have to spend a lifetime eating bananas! It also contains enough electrolytes to keep your body balanced and replenished.
  • Guilt Free – Finally something tasty that you can savour every day without ever ruining your dreams of achieving that beach body! It is claimed that coconut water boosts your metabolism and (you’ll love this) makes you look younger.
  • Zero Preservatives – Why ruin all the freshness in it with chemical substance? COWA Coconut Water is 100% Au Naturale! No flavouring. No preservatives. No water added. We like to keep it natural just the way you like it!

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500ml (RM 42.00/ 12 packs per carton), 330ml (RM 30.00/ 12 packs per carton), 500ml (RM 63.00/ 24 packs for 2 carton)