RASAKU Toasted Coconut Paste/ Kerisik 100g (1 Unit)


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Commonly referred to as ‘’coconut butter’’, RASAKU Toasted Coconut Paste (Kerisik) from toasting grated coconut to enhance the nutty flavour, then pounded into a paste. Kerisik is an essential ingredient especially in preparing local favourite dishes used to thicken curries and is a vital ingredient in Rendang (an infamous dish in Malaysia and Indonesia), to achieve the desired presence and aroma of coconut. It is also served as a condiment in a variety of local delectable delights like Nasi Ulam (Herbal Rice), Nasi Kerabu (Herbal Rice with fish or meat) and Kerabu Salad.

Rasaku Kerisik is hygienically packed in 100g, convenient to use, and has a shelf life of up to 18 months. With RASAKU, everyone can prepare delicious curries and rendang dishes without the fuss (and mess) of cooking from scratch!

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