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COWA replenish my energy in my post workout session. The best natural electrolytes of my choice!

Hrir MoHealth & Fitness Enthusiast

My body always replenished and electrolyzed by COWA drinks after my workout of running menu, feeling fresh and cool.

Joeann TooTrail & Road Runner

Love the tetra pack concept which is sustainable and safe. It easy for me to enjoy coconut water anytime and anywhere. COWA Coconut water helps replenish the much needed natural electrolytes after my post workout, keeping me energetic for the whole day.

Hendry OoiCompany Director & Distance Runner

I enjoy consuming COWA coconut water as it makes me feel hydrated and refreshing after my training sessions.

Audrey OngRunning Enthusiast

After exercise, when my body feel dehydrated due to lost in large quantities with sweating.
COWA is a perfect electrolytes drink to balance the disorder.

Venessa CheeRoad Runner

I have been drinking COWA a years ago, my favourite way to drink it at freeze temperature. Love the fresh taste and the added benefit of extra potassium in my diet. In addition, I mix with sparkling water to enhance my daily electrolyte intake.

Cian TanMountaineering

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