COWA, a local home-grown brand that has captured the hearts of many Malaysians since 2014 with its renowned ready-to-drink coconut water.

Positioned as a premium and healthy brand, COWA offers a range of products from nature’s goodness to organic labelling.

COWA is the first in Malaysia to offer locally-packed coconut water in TetraPak Prisma Aseptic packaging and is one of the first few in the Southeast Asia.

Our Brand Manifesto

[C]ommunity [O]rganic [W]holesome [A]uthentic

Can a humble coconut yield a bountiful harvest?
At COWA, we believe so.
Perhaps it’s best to think of the coconut as a circular fruit.
Because nearly every part of the coconut can be used.
Its water, a refreshing beverage and a natural isotonic.
The milk, an amazing ingredient for cooking.
The flesh, a tasty snack. The oil, a healthy alternative.
Its sugar, a delicious addition for everything sweet in life.
Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, even an antidote.
This humble fruit is truly mother nature’s superfood.
At COWA, it’s not just coconuts we cultivate,
We also care for our community of planters and pickers.
With collaboration, we’re cultivating
conscientious farming practices with this circular commodity.
From within its hardshell, lies a hundred benefits.
It’s no wonder that the coconut has all the right ingredients for a better world.
COWA. Ingredients for a better world.