YUEN CHUN Triple Fermented Premium Light Soy Sauce 210ml (1 unit)

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YUEN CHUN Triple Fermented Premium Light Soy Sauce is first naturally fermented using whole soybeans. The extracted superior-grade soy sauce from this first fermentation process is then used to further whole soybeans. This fermentation process is repeated for the third batch of fresh whole soybeans. The result is a flavorsome and aromatic light soy sauce, which is unique in every way.


Ramuan / Ingredients

Sos soya (air, kacang soya, garam, tepung gandum), air, gula, garam. Mengandungi pengawal asid sebagai kondisioner makanan yang dibenarkan.

Soy sauce (water, soy beans, salt, wheat flour), water, sugar and salt.

Contains acidity regulator as permitted food conditioner.



Contains soy and wheat.

May contain traces of molluscs, fish and sesame due to manufacturing methods.

Mengandungi soya dan gandum.

Mungkin mengandungi sisa moluska, ikan dan bijan disebabkan cara pemprosesan.


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