[CARTON DEAL] RASAKU Coconut Milk 17% 200ml (1 Carton/24 Unit)

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Coconut Milk is the white creamy liquid extracted from selected mature coconut meat. RASAKU Coconut Milk is processed via Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and aseptically packed (Tetra Pak) to maintain the natural flavour and aroma, without compromising of colour, texture and nutritional value. It comes in 2 sizes; 200ml and 1000ml,

RASAKU Coconut Milk’s natural flavour, aroma and smooth texture makes it the perfect choice in your modern kitchen. Its packaging offers hygiene and convenience. As part of the daily culinary ingredient, RASAKU Coconut Milk is used as a natural flavour enhancer in sauces, soups, and especially in curries. It is also a delightful ingredient in marinades, desserts, smoothies and beverages too.

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