YUEN CHUN VEGAN – Sweet & Sour 210ml (1 Unit)

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Delicious contrasting flavours

A perfect base for popular Chinese-styled dishes, Yuen Chun Sweet & Sour sauce delivers the tanginess and sweetness for zesting up any dish. The contrasting flavours afford a convenient way for cooks to complement and enhance a variety of meals and recipes straight out of the bottle.

True Asian taste

Made with a combination of plums, tomatoes, chillies and ginger, Yuen Chun Sweet & Sour exemplifies the signature qualities of this signature restaurant-styled sauce. In addition to offering a quick and easy way to intensify dishes, the sauce is also perfect to be used as a dip for Asian-styled appetizers and finger foods such as spring rolls and deep fried wontons.

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Yuen Chun

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