YUEN CHUN VEGAN – Barbecue Sauce 210ml (1 Unit)


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Deliciously appetizing with a rich aromatic flavour

With its rich, sweet, and tangy flavour, Yuen Chun Barbeque Sauce offers a new dimension for barbeque, baked and grilled cooking methods. The sauce is easy to use straight out of the bottle and can be conveniently used as a marinade, or for dipping and basting especially over grills and hot pans. The sauce also works impeccably with stir-fry dishes.

The versatile condiment for any kitchen

Thick and flavourful, with just the right amount of tang, Yuen Chun Barbeque Sauce adds aroma and a spicy-sweet flavour to a variety of dishes. It can be used extensively across recipes ranging from barbequing to stir-frying. Use it as a marinade or as a flavour enhancer for wok-fried noodles. It can also be used as a brush-on sauce or topping for freshly grilled foods for a lip-smacking experience.

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