YUEN CHUN VEGAN – Light Soy Sauce 210ml (1 Unit)

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The foundation of Chinese cooking

The building blocks of Chinese cuisine begin with light soy sauce. Yuen Chun Light Soy Sauce honours this essential condiment with a traditional recipe, along with a classic twist. It retains the signature salty and rich soy aroma to give dishes an authentic depth of flavour.

Traditionally made with exceptional taste

Fermented soybeans lie at the very foundation of Yuen Chun Light Soy Sauce. Offering well-balanced saltiness, it is suitable for use across extensive recipes for adding flavour and seasoning dishes. It also works well as a marinade. Highly flexible and adaptable, it adds savoury and rich umami flavours to dishes whilst also being exceptionally suited as a table condiment to enhance dressings and sauces.

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